indexPro Privacy Policy

indexPro Corporation (hereafter, indexPro) takes the following measures to protect the personal information of users of indexPro-site (hereafter, this site).

  1. indexPro complies with the laws and other regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information, and strives to protect this information.
  2. indexPro collects personal information from users by fair means, handling it appropriately for the following purposes.
    • Improving the convenience of search service users
    • Contacting advertising service users and information service users
    • Billing advertising service users
    • Informing advertising service users of requests for information from search service users
    • Sending gratuities and prizes to users for participation in questionnaires and other plans
  3. indexPro takes appropriate measures to protect users' personal information by preventing unauthorized access to personal information, as well as by preventing the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage or misuse of this information.
  4. indexPro does not disclose or provide personal data to third parties without the prior consent of the user, except in the following cases. indexPro may provide personal information to relevant public institutions such as courts or police agencies if required to do so by law.
  5. indexPro may revise this privacy policy in order to improve its personal information protection or in response to changes in the law or other regulations. Revisions will be announced on this site.

Access logs

indexPro takes logs of the users' activity of this site. The access logs include the domain name, IP address, session ID, browser, access time. Personal information except IP address and session ID is not included. In addition, the IP address and session ID are anonymized at the time of collection. Access logs are used for the following purposes;

  1. Maintenance of this site and analysis of usage statistics
  2. Statistical reports for users of paid services of this site

Access logs are not used for any other purpose.


Cookies are used to improve the convenience of repeat visitors to this site. They do not infringe privacy, nor do they have any adverse effects on your computer. The cookies used by indexPro are as follows:

Cookie type Cookie name Purpose
Notification of the Privacy Policy our_policy It memories actions that users run on privacy notifications of this site.
Safety csrftoken It is necessary for the safe execution of website.

Warranty and limitation of liability

Users of this site do so at their own discretion. indexPro takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages arising from use of all information obtained from this site or from other websites linked to this site.

Applicable law

This site can be accessed from countries with different laws. However, users of this site and indexPro agree that use of this site shall be governed by Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China. In addition, indexPro offers no guarantee that the contents of this site will be displayed correctly on users' systems. Users of this site do so at their own discretion and sole responsibility.

Explanation of Terms Used
indexPro-site A website providing a directory of information for electronic components, operated by indexPro Corporation
personal informations All information obtained by indexPro Corporation that identifies users, that gathered through its business activities and on indexPro-site. These including name, place of work, address, telephone number, email address and online identifiers (IP addresses, cookie IDs).
users Corporations that place advertisements on indexPro-site (hereafter, advertising service users), corporations that publish information on indexPro (hereafter, information service users), and other corporations, organizations and individuals that use indexPro-site (hereafter search service users).
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